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Title: Girl Scout Camp
Length: 2 chapters, 7768 words
Characters: James "Sawyer" Ford, Libby Smith, multiple original female characters, mention of Charlie Pace, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton
Rating: T
Notes: Set immediately after “Fire+Water,” 2x12. Canon character death; bitchy gossip; supernatural & fantasy elements.
Status: Two-shot, Complete.

Summary: Sawyer calls the castaways who live on the fringe of beach camp life "The Girl Scouts." This is their story.

Chapter 1: The Fire at the Edge of the Forest (4198 words)
Chapter 2: Come the New Moon, We are Gone (3570 words)

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Title: Beatific Vision
Length 6 chapters, 10970 words
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Jack Shephard, Kate Austin, James "Sawyer" Ford, Michael Dawson, Bea Klugh, assorted Others
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Notes: Set between Season 2 and 3.

Summary: The quest to find Walt has failed. As Hugo makes his lonely way back to the beach camp, he discovers that the Island is stranger than he ever imagined.

Chapter 1: Tears at Midnight (1694 words)
Chapter 2: The Shattering Sky (1568 words)
Chapter 3: March to the Sea (2200 words)
Chapter 4: Breaking of the Fellowship (1433 words)
Chapter 5: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle (1866 words)
Chapter 6: The Watcher in the Woods (2209 words)

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Title: Queen of Air and Darkness
Length 4 chapters, 9261 words
Pairing: Hurley/Sun
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Sun Kwon, Carmen Reyes, David Reyes, Kate Austen
Rating: M
Notes: Romance, angst
Status: Complete

Summary: A sensual, bittersweet tale of what happened when Hurley went to visit Sun in Seoul.

Chapter 1: Approaching LAX (1982 words)
Chapter 2: Budai, Budai (2269 words)
Chapter 3: Fire on the Mountain (2059 words)
Chapter 4: Armies of Ghosts (2951 words)

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Pairing: Hurley/Danielle
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Danielle Rousseau, Shannon Rutherford
One-shot, complete
Length: 1803 words
Rating: T

Summary: Danielle gives Hurley the battery, and a little something extra besides. Set in "Numbers."

Hold Me

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Title: The Ballad of Ben and Annie
Pairing: Ben/Annie
Characters: Benjamin Linus, Annie, Roger Linus, Horace Goodspeed, Ethan Rom, Richard Alpert, Charles Widmore, Jacob
Rating: T
Length: 10883 words
Status: Complete

Summary: She was the light of his dark childhood, until she disappeared. Then she returned, promising love in the midst of war.

Chapter 1: The Hollow Men (4522 words)
Chapter 2: Deliberate Disguises (3944 words)
Chapter 3: Cactus Land (2417 words)

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Title: Stay With Her
Pair: Hurley/Claire
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Claire Littleton, Jack Shephard, ensemble
Genre: Slow-build Romance
Rating: M
Notes: WIP, canon-divergent

After the Oceanic 815 crash, Jack told Hurley to stay with Claire. So he did.

Stay with Her: Chapter Index )

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Title: Xanadu
Length: 12385 words
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, John Locke
Pairing: Hurley/Claire
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Notes: Takes place during "Eggtown," 4x04.

Summary: Hurley and Claire get to know each other better as they watch the cult favorite, "Xanadu."

Chapter 1: An Unwelcome Visitor
Chapter 2: And a Welcome One
Chapter 3: Suspended in Time
Chapter 4: Don't Walk Away
Chapter 5: Dark Soul of the Night
Chapter 6: Acceptable Risk

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Title: Briars Round the Heart
Pairing: Ana Lucia Cortez/Libby Smith
Characters: Ana Lucia Cortez, Libby Smith, Cindy Chandler, Mr. Eko, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Rating: M
Length: 10563 words, 4 chapters
Status: Complete
Notes: Drama, romance, canon-divergent

Summary: In Ana Lucia, Libby might have found the one she's been looking for. But Ana's preoccupation with revenge may drive them apart.

Chapter 1: "Love"
Chapter 2: "Interlude"
Chapter 3: "Revelation"
Chapter 4: Heart

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Title: To the Lighthouse
Pairings: Hurley/Claire, Jack/Kate
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Jacob, Jack Shephard, Kate Austen
Rating: T
Length: 1202 words
Status: Complete
Notes: One-shot, set in 6x05 "Lighthouse."

Summary: Hurley meets an unexpected visitor on the road to the Lighthouse.

To the Lighthouse

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Title: Scars
Fandom: LOST
Pairing: Hurley/Claire
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton
Rating: M
Length: 2620 words
Status: One-shot, Complete

Summary: Everyone has scars, and Hurley and Claire share the stories of theirs. Love, sensuality, and self-acceptance, set after "The End."

(A/N: Many thanks to inlaterdays for beta-ing.)


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Title: Shipwreck
Pairing: Desmond/Libby
Characters: Desmond Hume, Libby Smith
Rating: M
Words: 2015
Notes: One-shot, complete. Drama, angst.

Summary: The good ship Elizabeth wasn't all that Libby Smith gave Desmond Hume on a summer's evening in Newport Beach.


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Title: Last Man Standing
Characters: Hurley, OCs
Rating: T
Length: 1902 words
Notes: One-shot, complete

Summary: Hurley visits a comic book shop the day before Ajira Flight 316.

Last Man Standing


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